Springer's PCCRT Protocols Handbook

PCRRT Critical Care Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis: A Practical Handbook

  • Written by leading international experts in pediatric intensive care and pediatric nephrology.
  • Offers physicians detailed guidance on managing children with renal failure in intensive care units
  • Provides easy-to-follow algorithms and key points in each chapter
  • Includes a special section on recent technologies in pediatric renal replacement therapy, including CARPEDIEM, NIDUS and aquadex

This book covers all key aspects of critical care in pediatric nephrology, including acute dialysis in sick children. It also provides detailed protocols for managing fluid and electrolyte balance and dialysis in children in intensive care. In addition, this quick guide discusses innovations inpediatric renal replacement therapy technologies, such as plasma exchange, CARPEDIEM, NIDUS and aquadex. This is a go-to book for intensivists, physicians and trainees working in pediatric intensive care units.